2017 July

How To Put Your Video Ad On YouTube

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The use of video on web sites is continuing to grow.  Most organizations do not think strategically when creating their videos.  We believe that every chance you get, you should think about multiple uses of the same element.  Video is no different.  When considering video, think if there is a way to edit a larger piece down to 30 seconds or under.  If you can, you can leverage that same video and create an advertisement you can put online.   The instructions below assumes that you already have a Google Adwords account set up.  With your 30 second video commercial completed, you can follow these steps to start advertising on YouTube. When you log into your Adwords account, click on the red +CAMPAIGN button, then select Video.  This will take you to the next screen where you enter the general settings for this campaign.   Enter your own campaign name….

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