2018 January

Chrome Will Show Security Warnings To Your Visitors If A Digital Certificate Is Not Installed

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By now we are all familiar with seeing the lock on our web browser when we are visiting e-commerce sites.  See below the area highlighted where you enter the web address.  It has the lock with the word “Secure” to the right of it.  This is accomplished by installing a digital certificate on the web server.  Securing the server provides the web site visitor a level of confidence that their personal information and payment details will be protected.   While web site owners of e-commerce sites and medical web sites have alway secured their web properties, traditional web sites have never been forced to do so.  That is until now.  Google has determined that in the very near future, any web site that has an input field is going to require a digital certificate or Chrome will immediately display that the site is “Not Secure”.  See the formal communication from…

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