2014 February

Over Optimization

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he purpose of search engines is to provide the fastest and optimal results to any inquiry.  We simply type a word or phrase and more than often we find the websites we’re looking for.  The search is that simple because the answer is right in front of you.  Anything after the second page of Google is practically irrelevant.  Perhaps this is why so many sites run the risk of Over Optimization, fueling the ceaseless competition for the No.1 ranking of search results.  Sure, there are websites that pride itself on its concealment, but for business owners, you’d want to be on that first page of results when you type “DSLR” or “owl neck scarf” in the search box.  If you’re selling a product online, you wouldn’t want your customers to have to go through five pages of Google results to get to your site.   Search Engine Optimization is the effort…

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