2013 January

How Tech is Changing the Political Landscape

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There is no doubt that we have seen a quickly evolving revolution of technology and web devices change the face of politics over the last two elections. In 2004, blogs began to influence the way that people read and understood news about the election and about the candidates. In 2008, our most recent election, Social Media began to change the way that we thought about news again, this time using Facebook as avant-garde way of exchanging information. This year we are seeing candidates moving into other social media venues such as Twitter, and micro-blogging platforms to connect with their public and interact in the social web. ¬†Social has become essential, mobile has become mandatory and tech has taken a role in the world of US politics.   What Tech Has Changed: Fundraising:¬†As recently as 2002, it was strange to see someone getting donations online, now online donation forms are dominating….

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