2012 July

Should you Choose Email Marketing or a Social Media Marketing Campaign?

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Social media has been making big headlines lately, and no doubt, it has a certain more glamorous allure. For many smaller companies, particularly family owned and operated companies, or smaller B2B’s…email marketing can be the real internet kingpin. It might seem old fashioned, but sending an email directly to your customers quarterly can make a bigger difference than waiting for them to come to your Facebook page or Twitter page and “like” or “follow” for information about your company.   While many small businesses are clamoring to the free opportunities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, many might benefit from the “real life” ROI of maintaining a great email marketing campaign that goes out to their customers and contacts, instead of maintaining a under visited social site, and then incorporating social media into that email marketing campaign selectively. Email marketing facts and figures: 60% increase in email marketing budget in…

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