We are humbled by the kind words of our clients and partners

Over the years, we have formed tremendous relationships.  It never grows old hearing that our hard work has been recognized.

Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon

CEO, Elavaire

Michael is one of my most trusted and valued relationships. His professional and personal insights have helped me in ways I will never be able to repay. Michael is easy going yet confident, strong yet not overbearing and someone I can count on to give me what I need to hear, not just what he thinks I want to hear. Friendships like this are what I value most and Michael is on my ‘Mount Rushmore’ of most trusted people.

Lawrence Brown

Lawrence Brown

CEO Evergreen Private Finance

Michael and his team have been the Fractional Chief Digital Officer for my company for many years. They have provided key direction to our company’s digital strategy that has been of great value and enhanced our growth. It is a pleasure dealing with a person of such high integrity. Our company appreciates his impact and looks forward to his continued participation on our team.
Meg Kimmel

Meg Kimmel

Executive Vice President Maryland Food Bank

Mike and his team helped the Maryland Food Bank through a critical phase in our digital development. After leading us through a comprehensive technology audit, Mike helped to concept, code and launch a new website in conjunction with our in-house team. Two years later, Mike is still engaged and a terrific partner.
Bill Cole

Bill Cole

CEO Cole Roofing and Gordian Energy Systems

Mike’s expertise to recommend impactful strategies using digital based solutions and sound business tactics is remarkable. His ability to help us develop processes and measurements, and his commitment to educate us on the numbers allowed us to understand on a deeper level, facilitating and guiding the continued refinement of our process to maximize our results.
Hollis Thomases

Hollis Thomases

A digital business veteran, Mike is one of those rare birds who’s been around the block (with multiple entrepreneurial ventures under his belt), but who’s never let life or success get to his head. Comfortable with people from all walks of life, all levels of corporate hierarchy, Mike treats everyone with the kind of respect that has earned him equal doses of respect in return. And don’t discount the power of his positive energy — it is infectious, and through it, Mike consistently elevates the situation around him.
David Broner

David Broner

Retired CEO Broner Hat & Glove

Michael has a strong desire to learn about the client’s business and marketing challenges. He acts as if he owned the clients business. When he presents a web solution he really has the facts and the knowledge which will make for a successful launch and continual process. If he feels like he does not have an appropriate answer, he will suggest the client find another resource. He has a high level of integrity and is a classy guy.

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