On average, Americans get 21 spam emails a day.  That is about 600 a month and 7500 a year.  Like most people, you likely do not archive or delete them properly, so they sit there, taking up space.  If you are a Gmail user, there is a quick and easy way to delete these spam and unread emails in mass.  To do so, follow these directions (each step is highlighted in the image below).

  1.  In the search field, type is: unread and press enter.  This will bring up all the unread emails.
  2. Click the select all check box.
  3. To save time, click the select all conversations that match this search.  This will allow you to delete emails from more than just the 50 emails on the first screen.
  4. Click the trash can icon.

If you have many unread emails, you may have to repeat these steps until you have deleted them all.