2013 October

Social Media University: Understanding Social 3.0

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magine. There you are on your first day of college. You saunter up to your first class, with the hope and happiness that comes from not having spent nights staring at a screen or piece of paper for 5 hours hopelessly trying write a paper about Shakespeare’s form, studying the life cycle of the fruit fly, or researching how best to survive on Ramen noodles and chocolate milk. No, there you are full of ideas and wanting to explore the world and make a BILLION new friends and reinvent yourself. Picture this same feeling and apply it to your social media campaign.   Social Media is new, it’s been through its awkward Jr. High phase when it wasn’t really that popular and everyone would make fun of its crazy interfaces and “trendiness.” Then went through its High School phase full of partying and posting pictures and oversharing until it hurt…

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