2012 August

Browser Breakdown: What Browser Should Your Business Use?

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Great! Your office allows you the freedom to choose your own browser. Now comes the painstaking decision making and agonizing final judgment.  Of course, the obvious limitations exist for using a new browser. For instance, you can’t use Safari on a PC without modification and some browsers don’t work as well on different hardware as others do. Then there are the constant updates to the browser, combined with the continual threat of security that some of the browsers protect against and others don’t and can’t.  So which should you choose? Please, resist going out to a field somewhere and whacking your office printer. Finding the best browser for your business shouldn’t take time out of your actual browsing, add another line to your budget or stress you out. Take a look at what we found for the following browsers and decide which one is right for your business. Easy button….

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