What do Netscape, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome all have in common?  They are all web browsers, and, in this case, the order of web browsers I have adopted, in that order, since the mid-1990s.  Today, you may be seeing advertising for Duck Duck Go, which is another web browser and search engine, with one big difference.  It keeps your search history and web experience private.  This is ideal for people who do not want to be cookied and marketed to based upon their web visits and tendencies.

Pros of Duck Duck Go

  • Perfect privacy. No data on your online searches are collected or stored.
  • No ads targeting you.
  • No social engineering techniques are used based on your searches and other interests.
  • You get the same search results as all other search engines
  • 1-page search results instead of multiple pages to click through.

Cons of Duck Duck Go

  • Very weak in extra nice features like Google Maps, Google Flights, etc.
  • Less personalization of results based on past site history.

If you are one who holds your privacy as a premium, then you may want to give Duck Duck Go a try.