Social Media can be very intimidating.  We are asked often, “What is the optimal amount of times a day and times of the day to publish to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to ensure the best results”?  In addition, our clients ask how frequently they should be posting to each of these channels. While each business type is different, there are some general rules of thumb.

Twitter Best Practices

There is conflicting positions on this, but time of the day generally doesn’t matter.  There appears to be an uptick in the number of clicks towards the end and very beginning of the day. 

You should post on Twitter whenever you are able to, as long as the content is focused and good.  There is also no ideal day of the week, although the seems to be the slightest of benefits posting Sundays, Mondays or Tuesdays.

The recommended daily frequency of focused content on Twitter is 15 times per day.

LinkedIn Best Practices

You should schedule posts on LinkedIn to go out during business hours.  There appears to be slight drop of in engagement for posts posted after 5 p.m..

The best days to post on LinkedIn are between Tuesdays and Fridays but Tuesdays and Wednesdays perform slightly better.

We recommend posting between 2 to 5 posts per week on LinkedIn to be the greatest return on investment.

Facebook Best Practices

We suggest not worrying about time of day or day of the week when posting to facebook.  Like LinkedIn, once you exceed 5 posts per week, the return on investment drops significantly.