Are you a consultant or someone who scheduled multiple meetings a day?  Do you find it difficult to coordinate with people on a convenient time that works for all parties.  If this sound like you, you and I are alike.

Now, are you somewhat of a control freak with your schedule, wanting to make sure no one else books time in your schedule for you that may not be ideal for you.  Then again, you and I are alike.

It took me years to finally break down and try an appointment software, and it changed my world.  There are many out there, most provide similar if not the exact same features.  I signed up for trial with Calendly.

The software allows you to create different types of meetings.  I set up a 30 second intro meeting with a prospect, a 30 minute client zoom, a 45 minute client zoom and a free discovery 30 minute meeting. I programmed rules.  For example, I like to take a lunch break around 12:30 so the system will not allow anyone to book a time then.  I also let the system know that I like 20 minutes of prep time between calls so it will never stack calls one on top of the other without giving at least 20 minutes in between.  Once these rules were programmed into the system, I started sharing the customized link with the people who I needed to schedule appointments with.  This is where the control freak in me became a tiny bit anxious.  I was anxious for no reason.  The system books time the same way I would if I was doing it myself.  It puts the meetings in my Google Calendar (as well as all other major calendars) and inserts a zoom link into the meeting.  All I have to do is show up.

I strongly recommend you consider a trial of any of the appointment softwares out there.  I personally can recommend Calendly.