If you are looking for a Live Chat feature to integrate into your web site, there are several features to be aware of.  Like most software, the more complex the features, the more costly the software. With that stated, the average monthly cost for paid Live Chat services is about $30 a month for a single operator.  

Below we have provided some of the key features of Live Chat platforms so you can determine which are required to suit your needs.  Once you have made this determination, you can do a google search for best Live Chat Features to find the one that meets your needs.

Agents/Operators:  Agents/Operators are assigned a specific license to ensure multiple individuals cannot use the same access key. Most companies offer a discount for multiple Agents/Operators or if you choose to pay for a year up front rather than make monthly payments.

Customizable API:  Does the service provide access to the Application Programming Interface (API)?  Through the API, you are able to make custom integration on your own, rather than relying on the developer.  The open API also gives you more control over the chat box that displays on your website, including when, where and how it appears to visitors. This level of customization takes some development expertise, but it does give you more control.

Track Visitor’s Footprint: This allows you to watch where visitors go on your website, in what order they see pages and how long they stay on each webpage. This intelligence is helpful in developing strategies on how to engage best.

Geographic Origination:  You can see exactly where your visitors are coming from, including their city, state and country. This information is helpful when engaging with visitors.

Blocking IP Addresses: This allows you to block specific IP addresses from spammers or others who are not really interested in what you have to offer.

Monitoring & Stats: The top tier live chat software allows you to monitor your agents and generate reports once chats have concluded.

Real Time Translation: You can receive a chat in another language that is instantly translated into the agent/operator’s language of choice. Conversely, when the agent/operator replies in his or her chosen language, it is translated back into the visitors original language. This feature alleviates language barriers.

Document Sharing:  Both parties can forward files back and forth.

Mobile Compatible:  This feature allows your agent/operator’s to use their mobile devices to chat while they are away from their computers.