Was just working with a partner to try to help them think creatively on how to help market their B2B client.  Here is a summary of ideas I felt could benefit others.

I.  LinkedIn

   A. Participation in strategic groups (replicated by all those in role)

   B. Use service like to find and make the right connections within prospective companies.  (replicated by all those in role)

   C. Write an Article (not Share an update) and Share with your 1st and Group members)

   D. Consider starting their own Group (you get much more access to the members including the ability to email them each directly).

   E.  Consider sponsoring an update in LinkedIn Feed

   F.  Consider advertising, using advanced features, to only those most likely to consider your services.  This is a PPC model so there is a branding benefit you do not have to pay for.

   G  Social Selling.  Target prospects you want to do business with our clients that no longer give you as much business as before.  Create a content strategy aimed at strategic people of interest.

II.  Deep Native Advertising with company like

III.   Social Media Listening.  This tactic is more about hearing what is being said about their sector, not just themselves.  This will likely not result in direct business but insights into how to listen to the market and modify how they interact with their prospects.

IV.  Leverage video to tell a more compelling alternative to the same old written version.  Video can be leveraged across multiple platforms making it easier to justify the expense.

V.  Custom landing pages to be laser focused on one specific type of messaging.

VI.  Remarketing but not just basic remarking.  We would want specific rules set up for each tactic that drive to the web site (or landing page) and remarket specifically to that audience with unique messaging to maximize relevancy and conversions.