A Full Service
Digital Strategy & Design Consultancy

We are a diverse group of digital veterans with specific subject matter expertise.

WebConnection was founded in 1995 as one of the first web site design firms in the State Of Maryland.  From 1995-1997, websites were traditionally black text, blue hyperlinks and white backgrounds.

It was not until 1997 when people began to incorporate graphic design into their websites.  We took pride in creating custom websites for clients who instinctively knew that beating their competition digitally provided a significant competitive advantage.   When we say custom website, we mean custom.  Each site was unique, never templatized.  We literally started with a blank screen and built a site from the ground up.  Around 2010, content management systems (CMS) and pre-fabricated website templates were starting to become available.  Graduating college students were entering the difficult workforces and starting their own small web shops.  Network Solutions, GoDaddy were offering web design services.  Low priced website template services like Wix and SquareSpace were emerging.  It became clear that website development was shifting from a consultative custom service to a commodity.  We knew we had to evolve.

Our founder, Michael Rosenfeld, predicted that there was an opportunity to provide high level digital strategy consulting to organizations that either already had a website but needed recommendations on how to optimize it and drive targeted traffic to it.  There is no way they can keep up with the always-changing digital landscape.  Michael was spot on.  We marketed this service and the first opportunity came from the United States Army who needed assistance with GoArmy.com.  After a year long, successful engagement which included interviewing people at the pentagon and several trips to Fort Knox in Kentucky, we realized that providing executive level digital consulting was where our future lied.

Today, our outsourced Chief Digital Officer/Digital Strategy practice has proven to be a valuable resource to our clients. WebConnection looks at it as an extension of your business. Let’s begin a dialog.