Digital Marketing

Finally there is a reliable way to measure success

WebConnection develops custom digital marketing campaigns for our clients which includes a generous mix of Paid Media, Owned Media and Earned Media. Let’s help you distinguish between these three types.

Paid Media

This is what most people think of when they hear paid media. Paid media is anything that isn’t free.

Some Examples of Paid Media include:

● banner ads on websites
● sponsored tweets
● boosted Facebook posts
● online pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Paid media almost always involves a third party and an investment of money. You are investing to reach an audience developed and maintained by a third party platform.

We are able to accurately measure paid media performance through tracking metrics like clicks, conversions, views, time on the website, and bounce rates. Paid media is great, if you have the money to invest however all the benefits go away once you stop.

Owned Media

If you create or obtain the rights to a digital asset (content, graphic, video, etc), it is considered owned media.

Some Examples of Owned Media include:

● Websites
● apps
● Internally created email lists
● images
● press releases
● blogs

The content posted on social media accounts—such as YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn are viewed as owned media. While you do not own the platform your social media accounts are on, you do own the content that you post to it.

Owned media isn’t exactly free. Creating and maintaining these assets and channels does require an investment.

Earned Media

Earned media is free publicity.

Earned media is the result of the public and the press sharing, liking, forwarding your content without a required investment. Something related to your brand but created for free by someone else is considered earned media. Earned media enter the public consciousness organically, without the help of traditional advertising.

Some Examples of Earned Media are:

● Customer reviews
● social media mentions.
● SEO rankings may also fall under the definition of earned media.

At WebConnection, we are experts at analyzing your competition and creating a measurable digital strategy campaign that delivers results.

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