The National Ski Patrol

The National Ski Patrol (NSP) is the leading authority of on-mountain safety. The NSP is dedicated to serving the public and outdoor recreation industry by providing education and accreditation to emergency care and safety service providers. The organization is made up of more than 28,000 members serving over 650 patrols, including alpine, Nordic, and auxiliary patrollers. Their members work on behalf of local ski and snowboard areas to improve the overall experience for skiers and snowboarders.


Like many large organizations, NSP has multiple audience types visiting their web site.  Each of these audience types requires access to unique information than the others.  A web site has a standard “canvas” size, so we had to provide a recommendation on an information architecture and user interface that would optimize the experience for all visitors.  Ultimately, we recommended that NSP create two unique web sites; one for the general public, the other for their members.

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