LinkedIn is the premiere social channel for business.  It is truly a networking platform. LinkedIn works best for those who give not just take.  You can give many ways on LinkedIn. The most common ways people give on LinkedIn is in the form of posts, articles, endorsements and recommendations.  Recommendations can be the most valuable way to give to another LinkedIn member, but is often the least utilized. This is likely because people just do not know how to create a Recommendation.  

Below are the simple steps you need to follow to create a Recommendation:

Navigate to the profile of the person you want to Recommend, then click on the “More” button

Then select “Recommend”









Now select from the drop down boxes the “Relationship” you have with that connection and their “Position at the time”.  Then click next.










Write your testimonial.  Strategically, it is best to include their current role and their specific skills.  When done, click “send”.










At this point, the testimonial is sent to your contact to review.  They can approve which places it on their website or they can recommend changes which sends it back to you.